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People wear many hats, in their private and professional life, developing unique sets of skills and character they set out to conquer the world. I am no different.

I consider myself a polymath, having studied languages and literature (in English and French), economy (Marketing and Management) and strategy (PhD in Marketing Management). I am always willing to think across different disciplines and scales, while focusing on people, behaviors and trends that drive market growth. I have traveled extensively, worked with people and companies from different continents and established enduring friendships and professional relationships.

Below is a brief story of professional growth and marketing love.

I started to work as a student, for a local TV network, covering cultural activities and presenting the evening news (Antena 1, Sibiu, Romania, 1997-1998). I have discovered early on, my appetence for information and communication and the desire the know more. It was an experience that allowed me to learn immensely  opened my eyes to marketing, political marketing and public image building. As a result, I pursued a MA in Communication and Public Relations in Bucharest (2 years), learning from the best teachers and exploring disciplines such as Sociology, Geopolitics, Marketing, Communications and Human Resources. I had the chance to work with extraordinary teachers. Looking back, perhaps the sum of these experiences, along with the lively interest in research and the deepening of the phenomena encountered in practice, led me to marketing.

I prefer marketing, that is, the construction behind the success of a brand, actively participate in building the message it sends, and have the satisfaction of working with symbols that create vivid impressions for the targeted audiences.

Over the last  years, I have been involved in many marketing projects that have had a real impact on the companies and brands involved. I worked with amazing people, truly passionate about their work, which was an important support for my own career growth. I have learned that there is no “can not”, “do not know”, and this ”hand on” approach has helped me to develop innovative projects. I believe that a solid educational background and continuous learning as well as involvement in various projects are some of the keys to success, in marketing.

The doctorate program was, for me, an opportunity to identify “best practices”, to carry out market research and consumer research projects and to implement specific projects for the benefit of my beloved brand, CAPAROL.
Such a project was Caparol Club, a strategically designed program that developed a community of professionals who work with CAPAROL products and counts over 1,200 craftsmen.  We are addressing both painter craftsmen, application finishers and small construction companies. Product information and training, brand communication and promotions, as well as specific award programs set this large construction on the path to success. We were aiming to create a closer relationship and open a direct communication line with the people who use Caparol products and I am proud that my team has managed to build the Caparol Club on such solid bases.

I do not believe in a recipe for universally valid success, as I think success or failure are relative. I’m part of a generation that has experienced successive periods of opportunities / lack of prospects. This is why I believe that every person develops with patience and pragmatism his/her own recipe, by interpreting reality, assimilating the inherent failures, the passion with which one engages, and the empathy one develops with others.


An excerpt from the interview published by the newspaper Zi-de-Zi , in March 2014


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