How to Thrive in the Social Media Ecosystem: The Kim Kardashian Business Model

Ten years ago, Kim Kardashian was a ”girl without any talent”, a ”simpleton”, turned a celebrity by the (not so) accidental release of a sex tape.

Today, Kim is the queen of Social Media, with 190 million followers on Instagram and 67 million followers on Twitter – that’s the population of France, Germany and the UK, combined.

Kim launches SKIMS and sells 4 million units per minute (!).

She studies to become a lawyer.

She works with the White House for Prison Reform and raises awareness of the Armenian genocide.

Watching David Letterman congratulate Kim Kardashian and acknowledge her influence on his new show @NETFLIX is no surprise.

Whatever Kim says and does, people listen, in huge numbers.

The question is:

Is this the new way of doing business, in the Social Media ecosystem?

If so, how we can reinvent a business to make it interesting and attractive in this new social context?

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